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Spotlight Series - Longeez

From Bristol, a city synonymous with musical innovation. An artist in the realm of electronic beats, this weeks feature is not just a DJ and producer but also a proud member of the renowned 128kbps crew. With an unwavering affinity for the wobbly, hard, and dark dimensions of club music, they are a maestro at weaving beats that transcend the ordinary. Join us as we interview this Bristol-born inspiration, where every beat resonates with the city's rich musical legacy and pushes the boundaries of exploration. 

How are you? What have u been up to recently?

 Expressing gratitude for the past few busy months - Longeez played in Copenhagen for the first time, describing it as an amazing experience and one of his personal favourites so far. His "Drums Workouts EP" was recently released on Hardline and has been performing better than he expected. 

Three tracks you're listening to at the moment?

 Changes all the time, but off the top of my head:  Base Graffiti - If You Have It   And Dave Sparkz - LoFiTown (Roughmix)



Pipeline for releases?

 A lot in the pipeline yeah, unfortunately I can’t talk about them too much, have to keep the bigger projects under wraps for now, what I can say is some of my favourite tunes to date will be coming out soon. I do have a self release planned for early December which I’m excited about, will be a few tunes I’ve been teasing for a while, stuff I’m proud of.

Top 3 Venues?

Corsica studios in London, unbelievable sound and just a proper ravey vibe. - Strange brew in Bristol, amazing sound and one of the most immersive spaces around. - Baggen in Copenhagen, impeccable vibe, great sound and a unique feeling. Also shout out the Vodka Maté, absolute power.  




A Track that brings back a happy memory?


 Theres a few tracks like this, one is definitely the DJ Fitzy remix of Pure Shores, reminds me of some really fun gigs and some really fun b2bs. Another is Golden by Jill Scott, reminds me of my Cousin Dom who’s no longer with us. Big up D Man, Dom Forever. 


What is a style icon to you?

 I would say a lot of it is how the person carries themselves. Someone could be wearing the freshest stuff but if they don’t move or act in a certain way it’s kinda pointless, a lot of people I look up to aren’t necessarily fashionable or trendy, they just carry themselves with confidence and do things they’re way. 

Longeez had the opportunity to select a few pieces from Jacobs. He expressed the combination of a Nike green jumper and Nike Air Max 95 Cav Empt sneaker collaboration suggests a casual and athletic vibe. Nike Air Max 95s are known for their iconic design and comfort. Whilst also pairing a full black outfit, inclusive of a Stüssy jacket paired with simple black tracksuit bottom allows the orange colour way from the Nike TN Pimentos to be focal point of the outfit.

We moved on to delving into his aspirations for global performances, and he shared insights into their preferred venues and cities. When asked about dream locations, Longeez expressed a particular fondness for Fabric, citing its allure and the unique ambiance of Room 2, where the booth is likened to a fire pit and where the crowd spills over, creating an immersive experience.


The conversation then shifted to his international aspirations, with a notable emphasis on Europe. Longeez expressed a desire to play in iconic cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Antwerp, and Lisbon, attributing the appeal to the resonance between their musical direction and the vibrant scenes in these European areas.


Australia also emerged as a focal point in the discussion, with artist Longeez expressing gratitude for the longstanding support received from Australian fans. There was a tantalizing hint about potential upcoming plans, leaving the possibility of an Australian performance on the horizon.


As our first spotlight, we had a great time getting to know Longleez, listening to his passions and future career paths. Make sure to keep an eye out for next weeks spotlight, releasing next Wednesday.

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