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Spotlight Series - Fonzo

Many producers (in this modern age especially) feel the need to be outspoken, bold and extravagant with their actions, be it on social media or in the flesh. Of course, nobody draws issue with this, people are free to express themselves, and creatives are bound tighter to that idea than anyone.

But there’s something to be said for the silent killers of the scene. Those who, whilst they move often in the shadows and don’t make a fuss, deliver just as large (if not larger) of an impact owing to their seemingly hidden creative proficiency. Essentially, Fonzo is a samurai ninja production badbwoi.




Never allowing himself to be pinned down by one genre, he’s been happy with how audiences have been receiving his sets edging towards the weird. One of his latest sets was supporting Hugo Chegwyn of Kurupt FM fame, where he “played for 2.5 hours and was surprised at how free I was to play what I want & how receptive the crowd was, even with some of the weirder selections.”


These “weirder selections” have landed him some exciting releases in 2023, with a dancefloor murdering 160 edit of Sidewindah on ec2a that’s been doing the rounds all year, alongside a 4 track EP on the charge-leading Hardline - the opening track of which was played by the big man Interplanetary Criminal as the opener to his Mixmag In The Lab set.


Getting festive, Fonzo cites the Danny Devito Christmas classic Deck The Halls as his favourite film to get him in the festive spirit, along with his new year’s resolution being to “focus on what’s important” and “being kinder to myself when I slip up” - words of advice I feel we can all take. (Banging movie, too.)

A few of his favourite tracks of the year include the K-Lone remix of Slash, the always vibesy Akemi Fox & Teo with Fallin and the upbeat, bouncy Monica by Unknown (actually easier to find online than you might think.)

2024 sees full steam ahead for Fonzo, as he kicks off the year with an entire EP on the big bad ec2a, this time with help from large donnys Capo Lee and DJ ADHD - the sound of which I personally am unbelievably excited for. Aside from that, he’s super keen to play at Fabric, citing the “iconic venue” and “great memories made there” as his reasons. And, of course, he’d love an international booking or two - which I, for one, can smell coming for my man.

Things are looking up for Fonzo and his assassin-like production abilities. One thing’s for sure, the scene is certainly watching and rating him. But Jesus Christ, take the trip ginger out of the meal deal, I beg.

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