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Spotlight Series - Lily Huu

Rumour has it you can’t officially call yourself a Bristol raver if you haven’t seen a Lily Huu set. She’s been delivering her care-free lessons in bass music to the city since clubs reopened post lockdown, and, whilst beginning in the garage/breaks scene, has been widening her remit to encompass a diverse range of bangers - a diversity that she aims to champion not only in her sets.


Lily has recently started tutoring with Harmonia, a new female/NB DJ workshop taking place at Bristol institution Lost Horizon. She said that she’s having “so much fun teaching people, especially since I learnt through Mixnights by Saffron Records and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for that safe and supportive environment.”





It’s clear that Bristol’s diverse musical landscape and roots has had an impact on Lily’s taste and style, too - her top three tracks she’s listening to at the minute include Stolen by Scuba and Dubbing Sun & Digid - Fight Against Evil VIP, two soft edged dubbed out cuts - whereas her label of the year goes to Hardline, the UK underground’s current one stop shot for all things ravey - be it wubby 2 step or rolling hardgroove/techno.

When it comes to style, Lily is an advocate of simply being yourself and not taking things too seriously. One of her style icons is the American drag queen Gottmik, and cites their “confidence and their playful nature with femininity and masculinity” as the reason for this, further encapsulating Lily’s vision of a world where anyone is welcome, accepted and appreciated - words that many of us might also associate (to an extent) with the city she resides in.




Looking ahead, Lily’s new year’s resolution is to “let go more, stress less, allow myself to be more free, let people in more and find pleasure in discipline”. To the outside observer, it feels like Lily is really finding her rhythm with her music now, so you’d expect the rest to follow in regards to the way she lives her life. She also expressed interest in playing World Headquarters, White Hotel & Fold, so promoters hit her up.

Oh, and of course she’s looking forward to watching The Muppets Christmas Carol with her sister, as is tradition in the Huu household.

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